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Make Space Today for a Seasonal Closet


With temperatures changing, it's time to rotate that closet of yours for the upcoming season! That means fetching those jackets, booties and sweaters to move them back front and center. (Of course, if you're reading this in the spring or summertime, bring forth those tank tops and flip flops!)

Creating your closet to be seasonally functional can be a luxury - but it doesn't have to be! No matter your closet size, prioritizing the easy-to-reach areas with the items you'll actually be pulling out this season just makes sense. Why sift through your fall jackets just to find the T-shirt you love? Why keep your sandals front and center if it's UGGs season? You get what I'm saying..

Rotating your warmer wardrobe and footwear to the front, while putting sundresses and sandals higher up or towards the back can make a world of difference in your day to day. Not only can you pull looks quicker & find what you want to wear faster, but you can avoid the dreaded morning stress and emotional fatigue because you're brain will have less options to weed through. *You're welcome, brain*

If you’re new to organizing, don’t fret. Closet turnovers may seem like a big undertaking at first, so if you need to start small & work your way through, do it! As you pull out this season's clothes to make room for the next, take stock & be selective. By taking stock of what you already own, you can prevent buying duplicates and multiples. *You're welcome, wallet*

You know those clothes you haven't worn in years? Seriously consider donating them. You know those socks with the holes in them? Time to say goodbye.

Many people find that it's easier to part with their used items when they know their stuff is going to a new home. There's an abundance of charity organizations and local spots that will accept a wide variety of items - trust me, I was shocked to see toiletries & cleaning supplies on the list!

Want some guidance on where to donate? Check out our Donation Directory to find local places to drop off your goods! The best part? Some will even come pick up from you! Here's a previous of a few organizations in the Directory:

If you're looking for a little help getting started or a lot of help along the way, reach out to us at Making Space Today - we'd love to help!

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Talk soon!



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