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Beat the Back to School Blues

As parents, we all know that the kids going back to school means they’ll need supplies and clothes that fit. But what about the other preparation - like establishing a routine, reflecting on what worked and didn’t work last year, or creating rules with your kids?

It’s easy to forget or de-prioritize when you’re dealing with the hustle and bustle of life, which is why we created a FREE back to school list with tips and practices to make your life (& theirs!) easier this school year.

notebooks, pens, clipboard to prep back to school

Want a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside?

1. Create a “Home” For School (and Sports) Things


School comes with lots of clutter and when the kids come bursting through the front door with hungry stomachs and tales of the day, this clutter can soon take over your hallway!

In my experience, it pays to invest in some damage-control. I'm talking about:

child doing homework at wood table
  • A drop spot for paperwork that needs parent signatures

  • Backpacks and lunch bags storage

  • Sportswear & equipment closet

  • A quiet homework hub

2. Inventory the Kids' Closets


woman folding laundry, clothes, jeans and sweaters

Between the ankle-grazing trousers (that fit perfectly last month), scruffy shoes, thread-bare jumpers - the school year really takes its toll on our kids' clothing!

Instead of putting new clothes in with the

old, simplify their mornings by keeping their closet intact with only what fits and what they’ll grow into. Have your kids try on all their clothes, shoes, and fall weather gear, and create designated bins (with labels) to store items like:

  • Hand-me-downs

  • Donations

  • Paint/mud clothes

  • Throw away

Trust me, this level of organization is a game changer!

Don’t forget to grab your complete guide for more on creating routines, prioritizing family time, avoiding clothes size confusion, and more!

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Talk soon!



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