making space today

for your tomorrow

Let's face it, the clutter is real.

Whether it's a drawer, a closet, or every room in the house - it's stressful when you can't find what you're looking for when you need it. Imagine if everything you own had its place and the ongoing maintenance was effortless. 

Making Space Today offers a unique organizing experience in every part of your home or office by delivering customized designs to maximize functionality & increase productivity. Surround yourself with a new level of clarity, peace of mind and ease.


that maintaining your home was effortless


coming home and

being refreshed

Self-care is essential, and it goes beyond skin care and working out: organizing your home and office space is part of it.  Let us clear your space so you can go after what truly matters to you, with a physical environment that maximizes efficiency and functions to support you in your every day living.


Each project is custom designed & systematically tailored to what will be easily maintained for you. What you need, is within reach. What reflects you today, is around you. You now have the time and the space to do what you truly makes you happy.

from clutter to clarity

“Making Space completely transformed my home. She helped me organize, de-clutter and breathe life into several areas. She will exceed expectations.”

- Cari H.

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Based in Los Angeles, CA