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Decluttering your Digital Spaces


So, you’ve just returned home from a vacation, check your email, and what’s there waiting for you? Hundreds of emails!! (yay). Not to mention, 75% of them are most likely junk - heck, that could be true just after one weekend!

As you sift through to find the important emails, you see a notice for a payment due - do you remember the password? Did you write it down somewhere? Which of the 20 different passwords could it be? 5 failed attempts later… reset the password. UGH.

These days, digital clutter can be just as overwhelming as physical clutter.

Between your emails, saved coupons, passwords, pictures, files, notes, reminders, etc, how do you keep it all organized?!

We created a FREE digital organization resource guide with tips and tools we trust and use ourselves to help manage it all.

organize your digital spaces resource download, clipboard, table, coffee mug and pen on table

Download, save it, and share it with your friends!

professional organizer los angeles making space today

Talk soon!



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